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Responsible Farm Management

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

A significant event in the world of sustainable development is now taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh (6-18 November 2022). This is #COP27 – United Nations Climate Change Conference (

In accordance with SDG 13 on Climate action, on the 15th of November a new five-year work programme was launched to promote climate technology solutions in developing countries (First-ever joint work programme launched at COP27 in high-level event | Climate Technology Centre & Network | Wed, 11/16/2022 (

This is a meaningful event for Farmer Charlie, as we help small and medium farmers all around the world to be ready to face any weather conditions through modern technologies. Informed and responsible farm management is a challenge of the 21st century and it is strongly connected with sustainability. We are committed to sustainable development as we strive to follow the UN SDGs ( To make their activities sustainable, farmers need to be informed about the current conditions of their farm, assess results and issues, consider the impact their decisions and actions may have on the environment.

Farmer Charlie’s technology helps farmers be involved in sustainable development. You may ask how it can happen. Farmer Charlie allows farmers to know precise indicators of weather and soil conditions. These values can be used to calculate the required amount of water and fertilisers, so that they are enough to grow healthy and abundant crops. By this, farmers optimise the water and fertiliser consumption, incorporating responsible SDG 12 targets in their practice. They minimise costs and make their business more profitable. Besides, they become part of a community where everyone can share knowledge and get useful advice, news, and updates from other farmers. Communication and infrastructure goals are highlighted in SDG 9.

If you get correct weather and soil information, you can take the right action beforehand. Prevention is better than cure!

Farmer Charlie is the best innovative decision for your farm.

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