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The future with IOT systems

Internet of Things or IOT is defined as “the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.” By the Oxford Dictionary. A simple and well-known example of IOT is a “smart house” – e.g., the heating system is automatically regulated through a connected thermometer. IOT allows to collect data which can trigger actions of intelligent systems.

IOT systems can be used in different areas of the food chain production – in the fields, at the farm, in the storage room, during logistics process etc. Everywhere there is a need to collect data, IOT can help. Now not only “smart houses” are popular, but “smart farms” as well. “Smart farm” is a farm where information technologies support the management for increase of quantity and quality of products with optimised human and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The concept of IOT system is used in the Farmer Charlie technology. We use sensors that collect data from the surrounding environment – e.g., humidity, temperature, NPK, pH– aggregate the data and offer farmers a cost-effective solution to manage their farm in a more efficient way. Farmer Charlie technology helps farmers optimise the use of water and fertiliser thus minimising costs, reducing waste, optimising the food chain and creating growth.

Collecting data from fields and farms can support decision taking from farmers who typically rely on experience and intuition. It is like driving a car – you can drive and estimate your speed, or you can look at the speedometer and control your speed more efficiently, saving fuel for instance. Farmer Charlie’s sensors are for a farm like a speedometer for a car. Farmers can evaluate more precisely the amount of water and fertiliser to be used. So simple and amazing, isn’t it?

Modern technologies make our lives simpler and more effective. And, while at first, new solutions may seem awkward and unusual, after some time they become an integral part of our life. So why wait more and lose your competitive advantage, integrate new technologies in your farm management system right now!

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