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Taking the Guesswork out of Farming. Geographic Information Systems

Sustainability is the way forward. For smallholder farmers around the world, as well as the team here at Farmer Charlie, sustainability and precision are key to meeting the needs of millions of farmers and consumers. One of the most important tools we use to provide this precision is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS methodology sits at the apex of human technological development. It is a database, an analytic tool, a visual display, and a method of communication all wrapped into a single package. GIS is a cornerstone product that helps define the relationship between people and our planet and is one of the main tools used in precision agriculture.

The Farmer Charlie platform is built on the ability to deliver specific and relevant information to farmers in the field. GIS helps us do that. Using satellite data, remote sensors, and our own in-field sensors, we are able to monitor the conditions of our partner farming operations in real time. We can access weather information, measure water resources, classify vegetation, map the lay of the land, and so much more. GIS is a fantastic tool that helps connect our Farmer Charlie team to our partners on-the-ground and its power does not stop there. We can also take our information and analytics offline when necessary.

GIS has helped the agri-tech community reimagine and redefine agriculture. With the ability to measure all relevant farming statistics in real time, GIS can help inform decisions on resource usage and increase food production. It takes the guesswork out of farming. GIS can also integrate with drones and Earth Observation, which helps us to improve the accuracy and scale of our visualizations. Overlapping observations from up close and far away helps our team to identify big and small trends that affect the conditions on site. The integration of drones and Earth Observation also expands our network of partnerships with other actors in the agri-tech community.

GIS is a key tool in our aim towards sustainability. Its ability to refine farming processes and conserve resources is a big step forward in becoming more sustainable. The industry continues to grow, and so does our knowledge of GIS. At Farmer Charlie, we are committed to incorporating the best and most efficient precision agriculture technologies to our platform. We are excited for all the possibilities GIS provides us and the opportunity to transform precision agriculture. We look forward to seeing you in the field!

- Katherine Rocchio

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