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IoT and Sensors for Home Gardening

Have you heard about IoT for home gardens? With IoT devices and sensors, you can now monitor your vegetables and plants from anywhere, even from your office or a sunny beach when you are on holiday. Sensors can give users real-time data on moisture levels, temperature, and humidity in their gardens. Timely alerts can notify growers when plants need watering, extra input, or when the weather may bring potential damages (rain or frost, for instance.)

Sensors are devices detecting and responding to physical stimuli or any environmental changes. They play a crucial role in collecting data about the physical world and transmitting it to other devices. In urban gardening − home gardens, allotments, roof gardens, and even indoor plants − sensors can measure temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, and many other variables. The data obtained are used for automating your green thumb processes, helping you make the right decisions for your crops and improving their performance. Most importantly, this advice can help you adjust your watering and fertilisation routines, avoiding unnecessary waste with obvious benefits for your wallet and the environment. 

Super-valuable technology such as Farmer Charlie's will optimise your gardening, ensuring your plants are healthy and thriving. Growing your supply of vegetables and fresh herbs also offers advantages for physical, psychological, and economic health.

Battery sustainability is a significant concern for IoT devices, including those used in home gardens. As sensors require a power source to operate, the battery life is also an essential factor to consider. Farmer Charlie is developing eco-friendly batteries that can be recharged and used for extended periods. Their performance will reduce any need for frequent replacements and, consequently, their environmental impact. Besides, we have designed our sensors to use minimal power, so they do not drain the battery too quickly. Sustainability is always a priority in our work, and we strive to achieve an environmentally friendly approach to gardening. 



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