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Holidays greetings and Happy New Year!

Dear farmer, friend, family, partner,

2022 has been an intense and eventful year, and I am sure you are looking forward to the winter holidays as much as we do. December also marks the end of a fantastic year for Farmer Charlie, and I would like to take this opportunity to share our latest news with you.

We have concluded our prototype phase and finalised our proof of concept in Sicily. Horticultural products and citrus fruit trees played a fantastic role in helping us to test and consolidate Farmer Charlie’s technology. A great example of fruitful (excuse the pun!) relationship between man and nature.

In the meantime, networking and promotion continued worldwide.

· November: we were selected amongst 15 SMEs taking part in the UK Research and Innovation 5G Mission to Japan.

· February: we visited the beautiful Côte d’Ivoire in the context of the Global Cooperation Feasibility Study we performed for Innovate UK.

· May: during our visit to Rwanda, we took part in the forum Sustainable Energy for All, and we got acquainted with another remarkable Sub-Saharan country. Further to this visit, we established great partnerships, which will take us to West Africa soon.

· February: Participation in the Global Incubator Programme for space in Singapore, where a MoU was signed with the satellite operator Kacific. This collaboration will be pivotal to establishing our services in the Pacific Islands.

· Networking with our African contacts continued, and we plan to visit our farming community in Nigeria next year.

In 2023, we plan to improve our service through artificial intelligence, to perform a proof of concept in Sub-Saharan Africa and, finally, to commercialise our product and raise our first financial round!

Thank you for your continuous interest in Farmer Charlie. Keep in touch!

With best wishes for a peaceful, healthy, and rewarding 2023,

Betty and the Team @Farmer Charlie

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