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2022 An Important Year!

While every year has been important for Farmer Charlie, this is a key year in our history. Farmer Charlie brings technology, but with a purpose and value. Our core values include the importance of sustainability and a net zero approach from inception. It is in our genes to be sustainable and not add to our farmers the burden to offset any potential negative impact of using electronic technology.

This year, we are ready. Ready to scale up and deploy. And sure, we will. We are looking at deploying commercially and in full speed. We have a great solution, which is extremely low cost and brings what farmers needs. We know because we have spoken to may farmers around the world and they all told us Farmer Charlie was what they were looking for.

The image for this article is one of our sensors installed in an organic vegetable farm in Sicily, taken last week.

Our open platform makes us capable on scaling up, being adaptive and answer the farmers needs, whatever their crops, geographies and situations. Our low cost is our business imperative, so that we are available to smallholder farmers.

Yield is important, but more so are revenues for farmers. And revenues are improved for instance by limiting post-harvest wastes, optimizing the use of inputs, and finding the best market opportunities. That’s exactly what Farmer Charlie brings to all our farmers.

Information is critical for growth. Let’s grow together. Get in touch for our great adventure.

-Betty Bonnardel

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