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Progress, installations, plans - Farmer Charlie

It is almost the end of the year, and great news on Farmer Charlie’s progress keeps coming! We are happy and proud to share what has been happening lately.

What have we been working on?

At Farmer Charlie, we have been working on ways to work with space, communications and IoT technology to provide connectivity, data, and information to our smallholder farmers. Our surveys with farmers highlighted the importance of networking within small communities, and through our research we understood that tailored information could support smallholder farmers. Specific data and local information could improve their agricultural activities, allowing them to manage input, achieve better yield, be more connected. In the future, they could also be more involved in the supply chain and in crop waste recycling.

Our brilliant staff have spent hours researching the best practices to offer technology and connectivity to farmers, especially to those based in remote areas. In the meantime, Farmer Charlie’s skilled technical team have continued testing and perfecting the technical features of the service.

Farmer Charlie was made to be a sustainable solution. During its development, we have learned to use the 4D Sustainability Canvas, which provided us with a tool to follow and apply the UN sustainable development goals. The Canvas has been crucial to the identification of targets to make Farmer Charlie even more sustainable.

Starting from an initial pilot in Sub-Saharan Africa, we have moved forward, and we could recently announce that our sensors were installed in Sicily! This is a great move for us and confirm that we are on the right direction towards what we want to achieve. We aim to go even further, of course!

What are our future developments?

The following activities are planned over the next few months:

· A data study in Sicily, exploring the use of system for efficient irrigation system management.

· Scaling up our solution for farming communities including 350-500 farmers per hub.

· Visits to Nigeria, other African countries, and Asia (we will be present at the Global Space and Technology Convention in Singapore).

Please contact us if you want to deploy and use farmer Charlie to improve your agriculture and connect your farmers. We have a very low-price tag, affordable by smallholder farmers all around the world. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your needs!

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