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Hard work, great learning, wonderful relationships. Cool Mangoes

It has been two weeks since we completed our Cool Mangoes project, and today our blog reflects on this invaluable experience.


Over 13 months, the Cool Mangoes team − Direct Impact Partners (DIP), based in Cote d’Ivoire, and Farmer Charlie in the UK − worked to bring solar-powered cooling containers to small farming cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire.


Direct Impact Partner (brand name: Cool Lion Energies) provided container units equipped with the sensors of Farmer Charlie to monitor cooling temperature, humidity and door opening for ideal storage conditions. The first container was installed at the Wopinin-Wognon cooperative headquarters in Ferkessédogou, in the northern Tchologo region.


Farmer Charlie also brought the Internet to the farmers thanks to a VSAT satellite communication link.

The project's results were remarkable. For the cooperative, product preservation, a significant reduction in waste, profit increase, and the realisation of the benefits of solar energy power. For Farmer Charlie, it was an opportunity to develop our sensors and adapt them to a different use from our standard soil model, to assess agricultural practices and climate challenges in the Tchologo region and learn many lessons from the multiple surveys conducted with farmers, women farmers, and the cooperative. Finally, we cannot forget the memorable visit of our CEO Betty Bonnardel around the country, where she met the people involved in the project besides farmers, women farmers, authorities, and organisations. And, of course, she spoke face-to-face with our brilliant partner Richard Seshie, with whom we have shared worries and achievements, supporting each other along the way.


We want to express our sincere thanks to Innovate UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), whose Energy Catalyst Round 9 grant allowed the project to start, develop and achieve successful results.


We also express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr René Yeo of the Wopinin-Wognon cooperative, and to all the farmers and women who graciously replied to our multiple questions and shared their concerns and experiences.


We hope to keep cultivating those precious relationships and find new ways and resources to collaborate and grow.

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